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Checking up

Posted on 11 Jan 2022 @ 10:14pm by Lieutenant Commander Aidan Datari & Captain Jonathan Reynolds

Mission: Picking up the pieces
Location: Datari quarters
Timeline: Current
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Jon pressed the chime. He didn't normally make house calls but knowing the situation the young Trill was in he wanted to check up on him

"Come in," the Trill responded, "oh hello captain... what can I do for you?" He was just in the process of feeding his young daughter, the little girl breaking away from the bottle to smile brightly at the newcomer. Sherlock on the other hand, took one glance at the Betazoid, and zipped out of view.

"I wanted to check in. It's not lost on me that both our Fox and the MU one were pregnant at the same time. And if ours has given birth the other has or is close to. I just wondered about your mindset there?" he asked.

"I don't really have a mindset on it sir," Aidan answered slowly, after a moment of thought. "Though she claimed to be carrying my child, I believe reports already had it that she's carrying the doctor's child? If the reports are true, then we must do all we can to retrieve that baby... It should have a chance at a safe and happy life. Here, in our universe."

"Ah okay," Jon said frowning. Had he forgotten that. Perhaps the recent torture and other revelations had just skewed it in his head.

"How are you doing without your wife then Aidan?" he asked.

"I'd be lying if I said I was coping sir," the young Trill answered truthfully, "I'm having a difficult time and I had spoken with Commander Fox about this before. I'm trying to balance time for my daughter with my duties and so far I've just reduced my hours a fraction, and I'm juggling the remainder of my time to also get some time for myself. I honestly never expected to be a parent in the first place, until I met Emme."

Aidan smiled at the little girl in his arms, his expression one of genuine love. "Saeri's a gift sir, and she's important to me and I want to do right by her. I'll never understand why Emme chose to leave, but I'll never speak ill of her. I wish her all the best and if she does want contact, then I'll never deny her. Emme is her mother, and she has every right to have time with her daughter as I have. I'm at a loss on why she didn't take her though..."

"Women can be the biggest mystery," Jon said simply. "True upped and left not much discussion. But like you say, I wish her well and would never wish to get in the way of anything she wants to accomplish in life. Luckily we did not share a child. It is much harder for you."

For a while, Aidan said nothing. "How did you manage, when you got divorced?" he finally asked, "did your child remain with you too?"

“I have full custody of Eddie,” Jon said. “But my mothers interference may have something to do with that,” he said uncomfortably. “Regardless as Charlotte asked to be onboard, we have managed to come to a more relaxed stance on things. Although I couldn’t confess it’s always easy.”

"So you co-parent," Aidan deduced, "that's not going to be possible in my case as I've no idea where Emme is, and if I'm honest sir... I'm not sure I should bother her right now. I'm sure she'll come to me when she's ready?" He glanced down at the still coo-ing infant in his arms, drawing her a little closer, and wincing ever so slightly as she managed to get hold of his hair, holding it in quite a tight grip. "Ow..." he murmured, though he made no effort to unhand it. "Commander Fox has suggested that I adjust my hours, were you alright with that? So I have a little more time with Saeri? I'll of course still be on call, and available when needed but it'll give me a little more breathing space."

"It would need to be a temporary measure Aidan, you're my science chief and I rely on you but if its needed at present then do so," Jon said. His science chief was going to need to sort out his work/home life balance. He hoped the man would use some time to go speak with and deal with his wife up and leaving properly.

"Theres 's a lot I can do from here," Aidan pointed out, "and of course it's temporary. But right now my daughter needs me, and I need to spend time with her. I'll still be available, I just won't be in my office because I'm well aware on how you feel about taking certain...personalities... towards the office. So for now I'll just work from here." He paused, sighing softly. "All I need is some time," he promised, finally reaching to undo the deathgrip the girl had on his hair.

“I’ll give you six weeks, then I need my chief science officer back full time. What about your second officer duties? Should we put someone else on that as a temporary measure?”

"No... I'll still run my bridge hours it's just the others I'll do from home," Aidan answered.

Jon nodded. “We’ll we will see how it goes and assess a few weeks in,” he pressed. “Now R&R, I’m putting you on the first list of people. No arguments. You need some time.”

"I do," the Trill agreed, "thank you sir. I'll use the time wisely sir."


Captain Jonathan Reynolds
CO, USS Andromeda

Lieutenant Commander Aidan Datari
Chief Science Officer


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