Welcome to the USS Andromeda!

Welcome to the USS Andromeda. We are a Galaxy class ship under the command of Captain Jonathan Reynolds currently exploring beyond the Briar patch into uncharted territory in the Beta Quadrant.

The ship is currently assigned to Federation Star base 308 within the 16th Fleet. The star base was built ten years after the Enterprise E established contact with the Baku.


We are a PG-15 rated simm.

Its 20 years since the reunification of the Baku and So’Na. Medical advances have led to more Baku widening their horizons and venturing out beyond their planet but tensions still exist between these two races and there is much more to be explored in the beautiful and dangerous region of space deemed the Briar patch.

On this simm we intend to go back to the grass roots of Star trek - peaceful exploration, seeking out strange new worlds and new life. Boldly going further forward than ever before into the largely uncharted Beta Quadrant.

Come find a new online family of writers who value friendship, fun and a good creative and interactive story.

We welcome players of all levels of simming and have a variety of positions available.

Captain Jonathan Reynolds
Commanding Officer
USS Andromeda
Lieutenant Amelia Fox
Executive Officer
USS Andromeda
Lieutenant Aidan Datari
2nd Officer
USS Andromeda

Latest News Items

» Game updates

Posted on 25 Feb 2023 @ 10:18pm by Captain Jonathan Reynolds in General News

Its been a while since I did a website update. Usually we get all our comms. in discord or the fleet but I need to welcome some new players and say some sad goodbyes to some Characters.

Current changes:

We welcomed both Lieutenant JG James Ryan Jr as our new Chief Ops Officer and Lieutenant JG Roger Harrison Jr as our new Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

I have tonight during this years Khitomer Conference done some advertising and I do have good intentions of updating the facebook page also.

We are currently closing down the mission Throught the Looking glass and moving on to some long awaited R&R at DS21

We sadly say our goodbyes to crewmen Michael Hawkins and Xu Chang Lau, our late CEO and COO. Luckily both writers are still with us just wanting a change in character.

» New manifests

Posted on 20 Dec 2020 @ 6:18am by Captain Jonathan Reynolds in General News

Hi All

Well with a little help from the lovely Kate I have been playing around with some new manifests and tidying up positions.

We now have:

Andromeda Crew
The baddies
Agora Crossroads

I have moved round some NPCs to better suited positions.

Have a look through and if anyone feels they want any more adding I can sort that. Im sure they will also expand as our adventures continue!

Kind regards

Debs aka Jonathan Reynolds

» Crew departure

Posted on 13 Nov 2019 @ 3:46pm by Commander Amelia Fox in General News

Hi all

I'm sorry to announce that Liam who writes Lt. Haulval has left the ship. We wish him all the best and the door is always open if he wants to return.


Lt. Amelia Fox (XO)

» Facebook page

Posted on 06 Oct 2019 @ 4:47pm by Captain Jonathan Reynolds in General News

So I finally took the plunge and created one for the Andromeda.

Hope everyone who is on Facebook will like it!


Debs aka Jonathan Reynolds

» Holidays

Posted on 23 Jun 2019 @ 9:11pm by Commander Amelia Fox in General News

Hey Guys

Just giving you a heads up. Myself and Debs will be on holiday from the 1st of July to the 5th of July so will be unavailable for those 5 days. We will be back on Saturday the 6th. If you have any issues during that time, please contact the second officer Dr Naiya Hope.


Latest Mission Posts

» To Snare Ones Prey

Mission: Time changes everything
Posted on 19 Nov 2023 @ 9:40pm by Commander Amelia Fox & Captain Jonathan Reynolds & Lieutenant Cassandra Higgins-Stevens & Lieutenant Syvar MD & Lieutenant JG Ren Kannu & Lieutenant JG Cihl Theidi & Sugo Torel & Civilian Arjyn


Arjyn's Warship Nephthys

Arjyn had been prowling the bridge for some time, her vessel having arrived long before the Andromeda had even become a blip on the fringes of the star system. This had been ideal giving her chance to conceal her vessel in the debris, using the radiation…

» A rock among pebbles

Mission: Time changes everything
Posted on 07 Nov 2023 @ 9:42pm by Captain Jonathan Reynolds & Lieutenant JG Ron Bumble & Commander Amelia Fox & Lieutenant Cassandra Higgins-Stevens & Lieutenant Vott Panns & Lieutenant Syvar MD & Lieutenant JG Ren Kannu & Lieutenant JG Cihl Theidi & Lieutenant Commander Aidan Datari


Jon exited his ready room and walked onto his bridge. They had just got to the system.

"Report number one?"

Amelia stood from the Captain's chair. "We've just dropped out of warp near the coordinates provided by Starfleet intelligence. Sensors are picking up a nebular and planetoid nearby. There's…

» Dropping By

Mission: R&R - Styx Outpost 2
Posted on 03 Nov 2023 @ 9:50pm by Lieutenant Syvar MD & Lieutenant Cassandra Higgins-Stevens


It had been several days since Starfleet had shuffled around the personnel on the Andromeda, one person in particular had been dealt something of a rough hand having to take over from his friend and superior officer. C'tora had been her closest friend on the ship as well and…

» Leaver

Mission: R&R - Styx Outpost 2
Posted on 22 Oct 2023 @ 6:47pm by Lieutenant Cassandra Higgins-Stevens & Captain Jonathan Reynolds


The next stop Cassie needed to make was the Captain. With the personnel shuffle the Captains... was girlfriend the right term... Had the pair even labelled what they had? Cassie wasn't sure. Still, she knew it would be having an impact on him as this would be the second…

» Revenge Part 1

Mission: Time changes everything
Posted on 09 Oct 2023 @ 8:34am by Civilian Arjyn & Captain Jonathan Reynolds


"Ahdar we are receiving intelligence from one of our operatives on the crossroads station," the lady manning comms. informed him. Her stretched head he noticed looked as if she needed her next treatment sooner rather than later.

"I'm only in the mood for good news!" Arjyn snapped from her…

Latest Personal Logs

» There's a fifth ....

Posted on 01 Oct 2021 @ 8:11pm by Captain Jonathan Reynolds


Jon had pulled on clothes and was still ... what was he? Stunned. Confused. Embarrassed Harper had run out on him and slapped his face .....

"Computer record Captains log,"

"Working," came the reply.

"The Andromedas night crew found another obelisk, albeit smaller than the first we encountered in…

» Down There

Posted on 22 Feb 2021 @ 3:37am by Lieutenant Syvar MD

I need to get down there... I know I can't, and probably shouldn't but Amelia is down there and something is wrong. I don't know how or where, or even why, but something is terribly wrong.

Syvar paced his quarters, to the point of all but wearing the carpet thin.…

» Miles to go and promises to keep

Posted on 30 Nov 2020 @ 3:38am by Lieutenant C'Tora Kuroka

Lieutenant JG C'Tora Kuroka
Andromeda CMO
CMO Office Sickbay

Just got back from the party aboard the Majestic a few hours ago. Made some new friends and reconnected with some old friends as well, all together a very enjoyable evening. Played a fun party game called what's your favorite scent?…

» New kid on the block

Posted on 25 Nov 2020 @ 9:53am by Lieutenant C'Tora Kuroka

Personal Log: Liuttenant JG C'Tora Kuroka
CMO USS Andromeda

Well it has most certainly been an interesting day. Had a talk with the Captain about transferring my new bride to the Andromeda, Thankfully which he approved. We retrieved M'Tarra's gear and brought it aboard and stowed it in my quarters,…

» Whirlwind

Posted on 17 Nov 2020 @ 11:07am by Lieutenant C'Tora Kuroka

Lieutenant JG C'Tora Kuroka
Andromeda CMO
Personal Quarters

By all the Gods and Goddesses! The Universe has thrown me into a whirlwind of chaos and who knows where this will stop?

Ever since I stepped aboard the Andromeda to replace the retiring CMO, my life has been non-stop here. I…