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In the Name of the Gods! Why?

Posted on 11 Jan 2022 @ 10:08pm by Commander Amelia Fox & Lieutenant JG C'Tora Kuroka

Mission: Picking up the pieces
Location: The Spice Barron's lair
Timeline: Following Amelia's rain of fire!
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Kren sat in his chair mulling over how events had played out. The Federation Starship was still in orbit above them. He could still turn this to their advantage.

Varok sat in his chair and looked at his brother in disbelief. "K'ren, Why did you let them go? That Captain was a valuable hostage, and you released them without making a bargain. What were you thinking?"

Kren thought for a moment, still watching the Federation ship on the monitor. "While we may not like it, the Federation is too powerful to have as an enemy, well at the moment anyway. This Fox woman could be useful. If we can negotiate some kind of arrangement with her, we might be able to turn it to our advantage. Plus I've heard that several groups have put out a bounty on her mirror universe counterpart. Right now, I need more information."

He turned to his brother "We can still come out on top and make some Latinum at the same time." He took a breath and thought back "That Caitian was very provocative, no?"

Varok shook his head in disbelief. " Fine. I can accept that the federation would be a powerful enemy that we don't have the resources to take them on, and giving back their people will keep them off our backs. I can even accept the fact that we can still make a profit in several areas including the bounty of the mirror universe counterpart. But what I can't believe is you're still thinking about that furry piece of fluff that you didn't get a chance at. Do you think they're going to let us kidnap her back and not do anything about it? Dammit Kren! your thinking with the wrong head, tone down your hormones before you burn this organization to the ground, and there's no profit in it. "

Kren dismissed his brother with a wave of his hand. “Oh, I’m sure I can find another one like her. The galaxy is full of women.” He then fixed a cold stare on him. “Now I know you’re upset you lost your whipping boy, but speak to me like that again and I might just forget we are brothers.”

In the blink of an eye, he was back in a chipper mood. He held his arms wide. “Come now, we have bigger fish to fry. Like this Fox woman. She certainly has her mirror counterparts temper when pushed. These bounty hunters that are looking for her? I wonder if they might not be too picky which one they get….?” He mused rubbing his chin, an idea forming. “We might get to remove some of our competitors, let the Federation do the dirty work and pick up a fat sack of Latium in the process.”

Varok thought about what Kren said and nodded. " I can see why you wanted to placate the federation and give their people back, Returning them gives us some breathing room. That and I'm not really upset at losing my whipping subject, I just thought we could have used him better. That and I have a lot of respect for the man, most people would have died after having that much done to them, he's a tough old bastard and I guess I could say I like him for that. "

In an instance, Varok's eyes narrowed and his voice went icy cold. " Remember Kren, I am not one of your concubines who you can intimidate so easily. I am your brother and a full partner in this organization, our fortunes are linked so we either rise or sink together. Just remember it's my team that takes care of our policy enforcement and keeps our employees honest and our profit collection coming in and enriching us both, And I'll damn well speak to you that way any time I think you're screwing up." His expression softened. "Now that we have that out of our system, I just got in a supply of a heady fine wine and a cheese that pairs with it exceptionally well. Would you care to try some?" As he poured himself a glass and had a servant bring over the same bottle of the wine. Varok sipped at the wine. "It's really quite good."

Kren regarded his brother and laughed. "That's what I like about you. You speak your mind. Plus I don't like it when we disagree. You're still my brother, even when you annoy me and I hate your guts for it." he admitted in a rare show of emotion which he never did when anyone else was around other than his brother.
He quickly covered over it. "Come on, let's try some of this wine and see if we can work out how to deal with the Federation and this Fox woman."

Varok laughed. " That's what I like to hear! Now you're talking with your head and not your pecker, and I can hear a way to profit in it. " He said as he stroked his chin. " Latium, precious metals and gems are better than women anyway. They don't argue with you or have sudden mood swings and retain their value, I can always get another woman easily enough when needed and is a common enough commodity to be taken or purchased. " He rubbed his hands together and grinned evilly. " Now brother, let's talk of the ways we can bilk the federation and anyone else out of all the Latium we desire. " He stated with a gleam in his eye.


Kren G'len
Spice Barron

Varok G'len
Spice Barron



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