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Something on the Mind?

Posted on 22 Aug 2020 @ 5:12pm by Ensign Adam Morgan


Adam Morgan's Personal Log Earth date August 22, 2396.

I'm not sure on what to write here as I seem to be tossed around from assignment to assignment. I have recently been reassigned from Starbase 308 to the Federation ship USS Andromeda recently. I have been reluctant on serving on board another Federation ship since my last time aboard one, we had lost her to a nasty planet on the way back into Federation territory.

Scratch that. I lost her.

I could remember scrambling to get the ship back under control when the operations officer beside me didnt seem to compensate after scanning the planet in the first place. I should of been able to save the ship and the crew but I couldnt. The ship herself wouldnt answer the controls as the power fluctuated so rapidly. I should of done more but in reality, i really couldnt, and i felt responsible for losing the ship and crew as they fell to their deaths.

I now am on the way to another starship to take over as her new Helm officer and im at a crossroads of the ordeal. I think im ready to do this as I told my commanding officer on Starbase 308. I hope not to let this new crew down as i did on the Olympia with Captain Cusak. Im hoping to get a fresh start in a way, but in the long run, i know the past will catch up to me once i dance my hands on the controls of a Federation ship again.

End Log



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